CODE_n Top 50 showcases the finest in British and FinTech Big Data innovation heading to CeBIT in March 2014

Following on from my recent post on CeBIT’s renaissance and CODE_n’s pivotal role in the new buzz, I was delighted to see CODE_n’s Top 50 has now been announced here. The finalist list has a strong presence from UK and also financial services big data emerging companies; two areas I have a particular passion for.

The 50 CODE_n finalists span an extremely broad spectrum in terms of content: Among the innovations are a 3D model for construction companies to improve scheduling, an analysis tool that can be used to effectively tackle power outages and energy waste, a transportation management system for preventing traffic jams, a digital stress measurement device as an answer to impending burnout, and software that generates 3D maps of the human brain to pinpoint tissue anomalies.

Our CEO and initiator of CODE_n, Ulrich Dietz, sums up the impressive turnout this year: “We were overwhelmed by the exceptional quality of the applications we received. CODE_n will showcase what is already possible with big data – not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of ground-breaking applications and industry solutions.”

Startups from 16 countries made it to the final round of the competition. In addition to the UK, the US and Germany – which claim the majority of the finalists – Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Israel, and France will each also send several startups to appear among the top 50 CODE_n participants. Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Canada, Luxemburg and Hungary will each send one representative startup.

The UK finalists in the CODE_n Top 50 are: SOMA Analytics @SomaAnalytics (Healthcare); Sefaira @Sefaira (Manufacturing & Construction); iptvbeat @Iptvbeat (Marketing and Sales); viewsy @iseeviewsy (Retail and Consumer); Actual Experience (Technology and IT); Deltasight @Deltasight (Technology and IT); Massive Analytic @MassiveAnalytic (Technology and IT).

I’ll be taking a more detailed look at the FinTech finalists in a future blog post. For the full list of those in the Top 50, please visit the CODE_n website.

So far CODE_n has seen more than 1,000 young companies apply for CODE_n. Past winners include myTaxi (2012), (2013, Best Startup) and Greenclouds (2013, Best Emerging Company).

All will be revealed on March 12th at CODE_n and I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed for the British talent.

By Helen Thomas – (@HelenLTh) Sales Director Enterprise and Services, GFT UK (@GFT_EN)


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