Meet the CODE_n13 Finalists – Yunasko

Our next local finalist for the CODE_n13 contest is ultracapacitor maker Yunasko. The team will be joining the other 50 finalists at the CODE_n13 area of CeBIT in March to showcase their offering.

Yunasko’s ultracapacitors are energy storage devices characterised by prominent power characteristics. They have a long life-cycle and can be used across a broad range of applications, from cars and lorries to heavy industrial machinery and smart grids to consumer electronics.  Ultracapacitors are particularly effective in the kinds of applications where you need a quick, high or uninterruptable power supply.  They can also work in tandem with traditional batteries. For example; the start/stop demands of a traffic jam can prove problematic for batteries which do not like the high charges involved in start-up. Ultracapacitors can meet this demand and then switch to battery power to run the engine.

Similarly, Yunasko’s ultracapacitors can help smart grids to control the level of power supply, creating a smooth power profile and managing the difference in energy needs between daytime activity and quieter nights.

Dr. Andrii Buvailo, Director of Yunasko’s main R&D subsidiary – Yunasko-Ukraine, explains, “We see ultracapacitors as being useful to car manufacturers, the railways and for the energy grid in the UK. The trend for greener energy and electrification means that governments across Europe are increasingly looking to regulate this market and curb emissions. Eastern Asia and the USA have already shown the relevance of ultracapacitors for various applications and we think demand will grow across Europe.” Andrii continues, “our research and development is based in the Ukraine, but we are registered in the UK because it is a centre for green energy innovation and is therefore the best place in Europe to register our IP rights and speak to VCs. Eventually we hope to offer production in the UK too”.

GFT is one of the sponsors of CODE_n13, so we’re looking forward to seeing the digital pioneers from Yunasko showcased in the CODE_n Hall (16) at CeBIT. Come and visit us there!

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