GFT & Nolio Bring Continuous Delivery to Financial Services Sector

We’re expecting to see agility becoming a key trend in 2013. Banks will need to become more agile and nimble in their response to new technologies. With this in mind, GFT has recently partnered with Nolio to bring fast and frequent deployment to the financial services sector and meet the continuous delivery demands that the industry faces.

It is no longer competitive for financial institutions to be issuing releases in large infrequent blocks, slowing up development. The GFT/Nolio partnership will make banks more agile by offering continuous delivery; a steady stream of application updates to end-users, supported by automated continuous deployment capabilities. So, our clients can have the benefit our technological and systems integration experience combined with the industry’s most mature and scalable release automation solution from Nolio.

The demand for automated application releases means that banks have to reconsider their traditional assumptions about how developers and operations teams work together. Continuous deployment encourages the development and operations teams to work alongside each other, reducing release cycles by immediately deploying code. Nolio’s software standardises business processes and automates complex release processes, which reduces manual errors and time spent managing application releases, as well as improving deployment quality across the application delivery chain.

Through this partnership, we’re aiming to break down the silo structure within financial organisations that can slow projects up. We’ll be focusing on the USA and European markets, and deploying Nolio’s application release automation software at multiple financial services customers to enable them to achieve true Zero Touch Deployments.

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