Entrepreneur Awards: GFT Celebrates Innovation in the City of London

Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas

London is experiencing a burst of entrepreneurs in the technology sector, with a hub of start-ups forming just east of the City of London. GFT is particularly interested in identifying newtechnologies and entrepreneurial businesses, so we were supporting the Information Technologists’ Company (ITC), Entrepreneurs Enterprise Awards last week.

GFT’s Chief Operating Officer, Marika Lulay, was in London to take part in the debate and demonstrate how corporates and start-ups can benefit from mutual engagement to the benefit of their businesses and clients. She explained how continuous learning and discovery of new technologies have become business necessities. Corporates and financial institutions have to keep at the cutting-edge and maintain their own culture of innovation.

As a co-founder of the international innovation initiative CODE_n, GFT has experience of working with start-ups and providing counsel on how to develop past the first phase. Set in the impressive Stationers’ Hall in the City, the discussion at the ITC Enterprise Awards looked at how entrepreneurs can balance ambition for the company with sustainability. The panel asked, is venture capital important, or does it dilute ownership of the business too far?

The event closed on a high note with Marika Lulay announcing the nominations for the awards. More information on the winners can be found on the ITC website. If you are interested in GFT’s approach to innovation or CODE_n please contact us at innovationuk@gft.com

Helen Thomas, Head of Enterprise Accounts & Services, GFT UK

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