Creating an Innovation Culture in Businesses

When we talk about “open innovation” at GFT, we don’t just encourage it internally, but look outside the business too. This week we’re looking forward to being inspired by the shortlisted companies at the second annual Information Technologists’ Company, Entrepreneurs Enterprise Awards, which we’re co-sponsoring. The winners will be announced at Stationers’ Hall, City of London on 21 June.

Having grown from a start-up, established in 1987, GFT understands the challenges of retaining an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging innovation within the business and managing growth all at the same time. We’ve spent 25 years working as strategic IT partners with our clients to identify and inspire innovation in their businesses. This experience has led us to understand that innovation doesn’t just happen by chance. So, we decided to create a clearly structured process to make innovation an integral part of our corporate culture. This resulted in the founding of our Applied Technologies Group with the goal of promoting open innovation and bringing ideas to market. The App Team has produced an intelligent touch-banking solution for wealth management and GFT Appstore, a multi-platform, enterprise application storefront which will allow financial services organisations to develop, test and share their own apps.

We also look to nurture inventiveness in new companies internationally. Last year GFT was a co-founder of CODE_n, an international innovation initiative, which aims to discover and promote creative business ideas. The first CODE_n winner, on the theme of Shaping Mobile Life, was announced at CeBIT in March 2012.

Innovation, continuous learning and discovery of new technologies are at the heart of the London technology sector, but have also become business necessities too. Today, companies across all industries have to meet the challenge of creating their own innovative culture. We expect to hear more about this on Thursday!


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